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I still remember being in awe at the power that 25 pound fish had. The obsession had begun.

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For some reason however, the multiple salt trips that followed in the years to come never included tarpon. This needed to change. Despite freezing temperatures, Pyramid Lake, Nevada offers anglers a unique opportunity to shake off the cabin fever blues and pursue what could be the trout of a lifetime. Winston Pro Staffer, Scott Flint, gives us 13 of his best tips at landing a Lahontan Cutthroat of a lifetime on the sandy beaches of this iconic fishery.

Every once in a while, a new rod comes along that exceeds your personal expectations. This rod is beautifully crafted, affordably priced, and has the heart and soul of the rod of my dreams. I grew up in Massachusetts right near the coast and was raised fly fishing.

Although dad and I made the occasional surf fishing trips to the ocean, most our time was spent fly fishing for trout and bass. Interestingly, since I left the area in to live out west, I find myself hitting the New England saltwater more than I did back then.

Search for:. Categories Blog Winston News. Schaper management decided to close the doors at the end of Once again, the Park Falls community leaders rallied together. They contacted Gordon Schluter in New Mexico and urged him to see if Schaper would sell the troubled company. Schluter and two partners, Norman and Leonard Hoefferle, ended up buying the company. Schluter noted: "We had put a lot into that company over the years.

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A lot of heart. Thinking about moving back and driving past a boarded-up building really bothered me. Croix remained the only major manufacturer of rods left in the United States. With Schluter at the helm, the decision was made to discontinue the terminal tackle business and to direct all efforts toward manufacturing quality fishing rods for which the company was best known. In the early s Gordon purchased the ownership interest from the Hoefferles.

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Son Paul Schluter was hired as St. Croix's first employee sales representative. Paul remarks: "When I started working, things were pretty desperate. During my first week in the field, I realized our product line was outdated and we'd have to make some significant changes. Our rod designs were outdated and we were about five years behind the times in materials. We were late getting into graphite from fiberglass.

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They began improving the quality of the products and sourcing new components. A large private-label contract with Zebco boosted their efforts. The company's survival is largely credited to Gordon Schluter's dedication, but other family members have become equally wrapped up in the St. Croix legacy. Paul recalls, "Getting the Zebco contract helped rescue the company but a lot of hard work went into it. I remember in spring of we were close to missing a delivery date with them so we rented a U-Haul truck and drove 24 hours straight to Tulsa to get one of their first shipments delivered on time.

Croix factory sales representative in the upper Midwest. Jeff was met with a sense of nostalgia about St. Croix rods, but little interest from retail store buyers. Equipped with the newly redesigned Premier series rod originally introduced in as a tubular fiberglass rod, it was re-introduced in as a graphite rod , the gifted salesman increased sales 15 times over between and He was promoted to Vice President of Sales and Marketing and continues to focus on advertising and working closely with the design team in the development of new products.

Brother David Schluter joined St. Croix in He completely redesigned the shop and restructured the management information systems.

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He was also integral in implementing an incentive program that rewarded employees for their efforts to help accomplish company goals. David is now Vice President of Manufacturing. Sister Pam Schluter Smylie is not involved in the daily operations of the company, but is essential when it comes to organizing special events. She initiated the efforts to commemorate the company's 50th anniversary in In January of the four younger Schluters bought the company from Gordon. They continue to honor his deep sense of commitment and dedication to deliver top-quality products for fishing enthusiasts.

Today, St. Croix is recognized throughout the world as a pioneer in the development of high performance fishing rods. St Croix Rods angling, which is another word for fishing, is the art of catching fish, whether fishing for saltwater, ice, fly or freshwater species. It involves enticing a fish into biting or striking the bait or lure.

Most people go fishing with a rod, a reel, line, a hook, a sinker, and bait or a lure.

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People fish for sport, or for food or both. According to historians, fishing started back about B. The Chinese back at that time used silk line, a hook made out of a needle, a bamboo rod, and cooked rice for bait. The Greeks, Assyrians, and others fished in ancient times also. Fishing tackle has taking major "jumps" from old style to new style over the years. Rods have remained short for a long time. They were usually only a few feet in ancient times, but these days there are rods that are fifty feet long which are used for fishing "matches" or tournaments in Europe.

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Ancient rods were usually made of bamboo. Rods before the eighteenth century were sometimes made of lace wood or greenheart.

follow site In the nineteenth century new techniques for bamboo rods, like strips glued together or hexagonal, were made. It wasn't until the twentieth century when fiberglass and graphite rods were made. Fishing reels have also made much advancement over the years. The first basic reel had a wooden spool with a metal ring attached that the fisherman put his finger through. Then reels with multiplying gears came on the scene, which became the prototype of bait casting reels in the 's.

In William Shakespeare made a reel with a levelwind which evenly spun line onto the reel. Now there are bait casters with digital cast control systems and spinning reels with sixteen bearings. These are just a couple of the advancements of reels. The lure is one of most important tools in fishing and has made many changes in the way we fish. There are six basic kinds of lures: spinner type lures, plugs, jigs, soft plastics, spoons, and flies. Spinner type lures have a shaft, split rings, a hook, a blade, a clevis, and a weight. They work in both clear and dirty water. The flash from the blade is the most attractive part, and indeed will make many fish from bluegills to muskies hit this lure.

There are four different kinds of spinner type lures: standard spinners, weight forward spinners, spinner baits, and buzz baits. A standard spinner will catch almost all types of game fish and ranges in size from one inch to about eight inches. A weight forward spinner is mostly for trolling or drifting for smallmouths, walleyes, and pike.

A spinnerbait, which is used for bass, pike, and muskies, has a bent shaft and one- to four-blades. A buzzbait looks a lot like a spinnerbait, but it is reeled on the surface while the blade spins and makes noise and commotion on the top of the water. It catches the same species as a spinnerbait will. Plugs are usually made to look like baitfish, but others are made to look like bugs, crayfish, and frogs.

There are nine different types: stickbaits, propbaits, crawlers, chuggers, crankbaits, minnow plugs, vibrating crainkbaits, trolling plugs, and jerkbaits. These lures can be used for all species of game fish under most conditions and come in a wide variety of shapes and colors. Stickbaits, propbaits, crawlers, and chuggers are all topwater baits and are mostly used for bass. Jerkbaits are sometimes larger and used for pike and muskies.