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Assuming you actually remember to manually log the details of each and every drive, it takes time to record the date, destination, miles traveled and all that. Apps to the rescue! Thanks to your phone's built-in GPS, mileage-tracking apps can automatically detect when you go for a drive, then save and classify that drive.

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At the end of the year or sooner, as needed , the app will crank out an IRS-friendly report, thus ensuring you receive all the mileage credit you're entitled to. Not bad, right? There are just two things to consider when deploying a mileage tracker: How much it's going to cost you, and how big an impact it's going to have on your battery.

For example, some trackers charge a monthly or annual fee, while others have an up-front cost.

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Fortunately, even the priciest services can pay for themselves pretty easily if you log a lot of miles, as you'll be recording and getting credit for trips you might otherwise have missed. As for the battery issue, these apps work their automatic drive-detection magic by keeping your GPS active at all times, which can definitely affect battery life.

Below I've rounded up three popular mileage trackers, all focused on the same goal, all very different in terms of pricing, features, interface, etc. These are by no means the only options, but they're representative of what's available. Mileage Expense Log requires a bit more manual intervention than other apps, and its interface is pretty spartan.

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Available exclusively for iOS, Mileage Expense Log is one of the most affordable trackers you can get. That's a one-time price that buys you freedom from some seriously intrusive advertising. Just as important, it enables automatic trip tracking, though the implementation here is a bit confusing. So is the interface, which starts off with a blank summary blank because you haven't recorded any drives yet and no clear indication of what you're supposed to do.

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From here you can choose Auto Track or Odometer, the latter if you prefer to manually log your mileage. But the former includes Start and Stop buttons, which would seem to challenge the idea of automatic tracking. Once you figure out the interface, however, MEL works well enough. It can sync your data to iCloud or Dropbox, and it's even Apple Watch-compatible. If you prize a slick, intuitive interface and don't mind paying a premium, MileIQ is the best mileage tracker. MileIQ Android, iOS is by far the most expensive option in this little roundup, but it's also one of the most polished and easy-to-use apps I've tried.

The ease-of-use part goes like this: For every drive MileIQ records -- and it does this with effortless automation -- you swipe left if it's personal or right if it's business.

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It's like Tinder for trips! From there you can get more granular about drive organization like classifying different purposes , but ultimately it's the lightning-quick categorization that makes life really easy. And the app keeps a running tally of how much your business-related drives are worth based on IRS deduction rates , which is neat. The information recorded on the IVDRs must be accurate, complete, legible, and verifiable. The total miles reported on the IFTA fuel tax return must include taxable and tax-exempt mileage.

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Mileage that is exempt from taxation varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Web site at www.

Separate totals must be compiled for each fuel type, by jurisdiction. Fuel types include diesel, gasoline, gasohol, liquefied petroleum gas LPG , compressed natural gas CNG , liquefied natural gas LNG , alcohol fuels ethanol, methanol, E and M and any other fuel you use to propel your vehicle. You must have adequate records to support the tax-. If tax-paid documentation is unavailable, all claims for tax-paid fuel will be disallowed. Price per gallon or total gallons received number of tax-paid gallons of fuel loaded in each jurisdiction.


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Purchaser's name. Fuel receipts that do not meet the above requirements may be disallowed as tax-paid credits in an audit. Additionally, the department will not accept altered or erased receipts to support a claim of tax paid purchases. If you maintain a bulk fuel storage facility, you may obtain credit for tax paid on fuel withdrawn from that storage facility and used in your qualified motor vehicles, provided you maintain the following records:.

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