Birth certificate august 20 1965 kathy

Not seen in about 30 years, chose to distance himself from all family. Lorraine Amanda Chapman. Im looking for my sister. Her birth name is Lorraine Amanda Chapman although this could of been changed after she was adopted to a couple in the Guilford Su Aubrey Shaw. Looking for my dad is name is aubrey shaw he did post on here in looking for me his daughter. I do know he had 3 daughters so i must have some half siste Looking for my dad is name is aubrey shaw he did post on hete in looking for me his daughter.

Mary Cone Ellul. Still looking for possible siblings , my mothers name was Mary Cone possibly changed to Ellul, Father in the Persian navy unconfirmed, possibly three sibling Hi am searching brother never met. Tried to contact 20 years ago but no news. Dads name Ernest guttridge. Love to hear Alexander Hamilton Crawford. Would have gone to school in the Glasgow area and possibly gone to school in Victoria Park Seco Patricia A.

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Looking for my friend Tricia. Last known address was an estate in Falkirk. Miss you J Ethel Young Nee Keen. Milton Alphonso.

The Family of John L. Worley, Lake County Indiana

Im the Daughter of Janet Gardiner now known as Janet Querino and we are looking for her son who was adopted in Philip Larkin. We are looking for our brother Philip Larkin, born in Dublin Ireland moved to London around and then possibly married a woman from Iceland with which th We are looking for our brother Philip Larkin 40 years old, born in Dublin Ireland moved to London around and then possibly married a woman from Iceland Sarah Crawley Crowley. Sarah was born around Maureen lived in the Brixton area of London Micheal John Keddie.

I am looking for micheal john keddie he was married to Christine gavin she had a baby on in kirkcaldy fife forthpark.

Martin Phillip Scott. I am looking for my brother Martin we lost contact 30 yrs ago he used to live in Felixstowe I found out he got married I just want to know he okay in June My cousin is trying to find his biological father. My cousin is trying to find his biological father Kieran Young. I am searching for my Son Kieran. He has been separated from me 11 years and I am desperate to speak to him and show him I am not the person he believes I am Steven Mckenzie Flynn.

Hi name is peter crowe kelly i was born 30th october and have been in care on the isle of man majority of my life i have a father which i have met onc Natalie Adair Lockett.

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Natalie is by birth my sister. I have searched various data bases and am drawing a blank at the moment. She is likely to be living in Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland; and may be attending the high Andrew Cameron Macmillan. I am looking for my step brother Andrew Cameron MacMillan.

Your mother was Amanda J Stewart. I believe our pare Marion Elizabeth Macmillan. I am looking for my step sister Marion Elizabeth MacMillan. Your mother was Mary Alexandria Cameron. I believe She is likely to be living in Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland, and may be attending the high Susan May. Patricia Cathcart. Dorothy Patricia Jeffrey Clarke. She gave my mother up for adoption in when s Henry Clive Robinson. Also known as Clive Robinson, he is my brother. DoB 13 Feb , born in Epsom.

Coburg Family of Sullivan County, New York

Lived in Ewell until early adulthood, then briefly in Thames Ditton, before m I was just wondering weather anybody would be able to help me. I was adopted from birth, I have been looking through my adoption information the little that Suzanne Davis. She is most likely to be living in Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland; and may be attending the Brian Orr. Looking for Brian Orr also known as Brian Flynn. Has a brother who lived in Islington area around s Julie Mitchell Nee Akehurst. Anne Hutchins.

Mandy Hutchins later Mandy Metcalfe is looking for her cousins Anne, Jacqueline and Christina nees Hutchins but may since have changed. Would so love t Angelo Raffaele Valluzzi. Desperately seeking to find my missing dad Angelo Raffaele Valluzzi. Sightings of him in Sheffield and Brighton many years ago. He has not been in touch with George Simmons. Hi, I am tracing my family tree and am stuck on paternal Grandfather.

All that I know about him so far is that his name is George Simmons and he was living Terence Jackson. Mark Anthony Williams.

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  • Im looking for my dad, his name is Mark Anthony Williams. Ann Marie Odonovan. Hi through the help of people on this site I found my uncle he has not had contact with my mum for 20 years as iv stated before her name is Ann Marie odonova Sam Brown Hailstrom. I need help!!!! Around 2 ago he left for London with his gran Gary Micheal Westworth Birth Name.

    Still searching for my brother desperate to find u if your out there our mothers name was carol ann westworth nee mcvan all i know u was born preston lanca Sylvia Berry. Trinity Holly Craven Salter.

    Sarah Hill. Married to Derek. Previous address in Leek Wootton.

    Most American Adoptees Can’t Access Their Birth Certificates. That Could Soon Change.

    Received a card Lesley Ann Richards. John Saunders. Frederick Young. Malcomn Lithgo. Valerie Rowntree. James Shaw. He would have known Valerie Boardman from Gorton. Valerie was my Mum Michael Dennis Lewery. Amanda Jane Watkins. I am trying to find Amanda Jane Watkins who was born in Bromley in John R Harding. John married Mary Will Kathy Hood. Looking for an old friend ex-girlfriend from plus years ago. May have a married name now or God forbid, may have passed away, but I would be interested Helen Thomas Fox.

    Looking on behalf of a relative. We have lost touch, but would love to Martin Greene. Martin Greene is my elder half brother. Martin must have been born in the l Timothy Byrom. Gina Or Georgina Harvey. Trying to locate my step sister believed born between in Cornwall. Father Lesl Robert Westwood.